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Programming links



Most of these tools are "stand-alone". In most of the cases, the configuration is pretty easy to do. 

  • The Stanford NLP group webpage Here, we can find tools like
    • Parser
    • POS tagger
    • Tokenizer
    • Named entity recognition 
    • Available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Chinese 
  • The Cognitive Computation Group of the University of Pennsylvania. 
  • FreeLing is an open-source tool for NLP developed by Luis Padró at the NLP group of the University of Barcelona. FreeLing
    • The demo is available at
    • It analyzes text in Austrian, Catalan,English, French, German, Galician, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Slovene and Welsh. 
    • It includes morphological analysis shall parsing, dependency parsing, coreference or anaphora resolution and semantic graphs.